Responsibilities and duties of the service unit after the sale of heavy stationary cars

The description and scope of the responsibilities and duties of the after-sales service organization can be categorized in the following areas:

1- Pre-delivery visits (PDI)

a) Conduct visits b) Sending feedback from the visit to the manufacturer's factory

2- Delivery and registration of the device

a) Minutes of the meeting handed over to the customer b) Sending the minutes of the handover and registration of the device to the unit sale c)Register the device in the sales and service system

3- Periodic visits

a) periodic services b) repairs c) Send parts d) Sending analytical reports to the manufacturer

4- Warranty

a) Examining warranty requests for repairs and parts b) Performing basic services c) Carrying out repairs during the warranty period d) Provision of warranty period parts

e) Sending and following up the defect report to the manufacturer

5- Education

a) Operator training b) Training of mechanics c) Training of service workers d) آموزش نحوه سفارش و خريد قطعات يدكي

e) Teaching how to keep spare parts in the warehouse f) Training to solve technical and specialized problems

6- Printing and publications

a) Preparation of books related to device management (operating - service and maintenance - repairs - general training such as: motor, hydraulic and electrical)

b)Preparation of books of spare parts)Preparation and printing of specialized publications

7- Repairs

a) Repairs at the customer's site (field service) b) Repairs at the site of the service unit (central repair shop) c)Analysis and pricing of repair wages

8- Spare parts

a) Order spare parts based on market research b) Identification of parts supply sources c) Purchase of spare parts d) Analysis and pricing for the sale of parts e) Keeping parts in the warehouse f) Keeping parts in the warehouse g) Selling parts to consumers

9- Special tools

a) Provision of special tools by the manufacturer b) Design and manufacture of special tools

10- Feedback of product specifications to the manufacturer

a) Recording, collecting and analyzing feedback b) Sending analyzes to the manufacturing company

11- Warranty service and maintenance

a) Service and maintenance at the customer's site under the contract b) Service and maintenance by subscription

c) Case service and maintenance according to the customer's request

12- Information network system

Designing and creating online after-sales service management software in relation to customers and agencies